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Are You Ready for Summer? A Working Parents Summer Survival Guide

by Aakash Goel
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April 26, 2023

Kids love summer, and we can understand why. No school, no schedules, no limits – for children, summer presents unlimited potential and possibilities. For working parents, summer is another story.

Instead of dreaming about long, lazy days, we’re trying to figure out how to balance summer childcare while still fulfilling our work duties and getting in some quality family time.

We know it’s a tough time out there for working parents. So, we have compiled this summer survival guide to offer tips and suggestions for making summer magical.

5 Tips for Working Parents to Make the Most Out of Summer

Your particular work situation will determine whether these options are feasible. However, we hope you can take some of these ideas and use them to get through the summer.

1. Strategically plan vacations

Summer is an excellent time to take family vacations without worrying about keeping the kids out of school for too long.

When planning your vacation, consider what weeks the kids have camps or other childcare options and which weeks they’ll be home and bored – those might be the best ones to plan a getaway.

2. Book camps early

Summer camps tend to book early as working parents scramble to secure their kids’ spots. So, if you haven’t already, set aside some time to choose which camps your child will attend and get them registered.

This will also help you plan the rest of your summer so you know when you need childcare and when you are already covered.

3. Talk to your boss about flexible working arrangements

If you are working in the office, consider asking your boss if you can work from home a few days a week during the summer.

Yes, you’ll still have to work, but you can be present if your kids need you and be available to drive them places as needed. You might also be able to talk your boss into working more flexible hours.

4. Hire a temporary nanny

It’s hard to justify hiring a full-time nanny when your kids will be in and out of summer camps all summer. But you might still need someone to step in and help you from time to time. That’s when a flexible, temporary nanny can step in and help.

They can be there while you’re working from home, at night so you can your partner can get a much-needed date night, or whenever you need to juggle work with childcare.

5. Gather your village

Chances are, you aren’t the only parents in your social circle trying to balance work and childcare this summer. Talk to the parents in your neighborhood or from your children’s school to find out how you can work together.

It might be carpooling to and from camps or taking turns hosting playdates to allow for some much-needed quiet time. In addition to helping out other families, this can allow kids to build friendships with their peers that will last a lifetime.

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