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6 Reasons to Hire a Temporary Nanny in California

by Letavia
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March 2, 2023

Parents often think of a nanny as someone who watches their children full-time. And while full-time nannies can be great for long-term care, there are also several reasons to hire a temporary nanny.

The role of temporary nannies is often misunderstood and confused with babysitters. Make no mistake, though. Temporary nannies have more childcare training and experience than babysitters. 

A temporary nanny will expose your children to engaging activities and can handle more responsibilities than a babysitter, such as driving your kids to and from school, feeding them, and getting them to soccer practice (or whatever activity they have tonight!)

6 Reasons Why California Families Hire Temporary Nannies

You don’t want to trust your children to just anybody. Hiring a temporary nanny instead of a babysitter can ensure your kids are in good hands no matter what’s going on in your life.

Here are six of the most common reasons families hire temporary nannies to care for their children.

1. When you’re recovering from a surgery or illness

Recovering from a surgery or major illness can take weeks. You need to prioritize rest so you can get back to your usual activities as soon as possible. 

This is a situation where a temporary nanny can fill in to help your kids with schoolwork, drive them to activities, and ensure they’re eating good meals. All you need to do is focus on feeling better. 

2. On vacation

Did you know you can hire a temporary nanny to join your family on vacation? They can take your kids on excursions if you need to catch up on work or just want to relax. They can also feed your kids and keep them engaged in meaningful activities while you go out and enjoy some adults-only time! 

3. After having a baby

Bringing your new baby home is exciting! But, of course, having a newborn in the house can also be exhausting for parents and siblings. A temporary nanny can be a lifesaver in the first few weeks after bringing home your newborn. They can shuttle your older kids to their activities, help them with their schoolwork, feed them, and, generally, give them attention. 

You can also hire a nighttime nanny to take care of feeding and changing your newborn so you can get some much-needed rest!

4. In between full-time nannies

Nannies leave full-time positions for a variety of reasons. A temporary nanny can fill in as you look for a permanent replacement. They can pick up all the responsibilities of your former nanny and keep some consistency in your family routine.

5. Seasonal help

Many families hire a temporary nanny when their children are home from school in the summer. That way, you can continue working without worrying about taking your kids to daycare or summer camp. Instead, your nanny will be there to plan fun activities and ensure your kids don’t spend all summer cooped up inside. 

6. At events

Do you have a wedding, family reunion, or other special event coming up? A temporary nanny can ensure all the kids are safe and having a good time while the adults are busy mingling and celebrating.

At Ease FlexCare Solutions is Here to Help You Find a Temporary Nanny in California

No matter your situation, At Ease FlexCare Solutions can help you find a temporary nanny in Southern California. Learn more about the different services we offer. 

Then, fill out an application to get started. A friendly member of our team will reach out to you soon to learn more about your family’s needs so we can connect you with the right temporary nanny.

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