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What to Do When Your Nanny Quits

by Letavia
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March 7, 2023

There are many reasons for nannies to leave that have nothing to do with you and your family. For example, they might have decided to make a career change, go back to school, or move to a new city.

Regardless of the reason, the thought of your nanny leaving might make you feel a sense of panic. What are you supposed to do now? Who’s going to watch your kids during the day? How will you manage your workload? How can you ever find someone else to trust?

Take a deep breath.

We know it can be stressful to have a nanny quit unexpectedly. Hopefully, your nanny has given you some notice so you can start to formulate a game plan before they’re gone for good. Even if they haven’t, you have options.

5 Things to Do When Your Nanny Suddenly Quits

Here are some steps you can take when your nanny quits to keep your household running as smoothly as possible and get back to a sense of normalcy.

1. Tell the kids (and reassure them it’s not their fault)

Your kids will be the most impacted by your nanny’s departure. They might feel a range of emotions when they find out their beloved nanny won’t be with them every day. So, set aside some time to tell them their nanny is leaving. Don’t downplay their feelings and let them ask all the questions they want.

Make sure your kids understand that their nanny isn’t leaving because of anything they said or did. Positively frame the news and reassure them that you’ll find a new nanny who they’ll love just as much.

2. Do an exit interview

Do an exit interview with your nanny to find out what they enjoyed about their time with your family and what you could do differently for the next nanny. There’s no need to be formal. Instead, look at this as a casual conversation that can help you ensure your home is welcoming for whoever comes next.

In addition, if you’re on good terms with your nanny, this can be a good time to ask them for recommendations of other nannies they know who would be a good match for your family.

3. Find a short-term replacement

You shouldn’t rush into finding a new long-term nanny. Instead, look for a short-term solution from a temporary nanny agency like FlexCare Family Solutions. Our flexible childcare solutions include temporary nannies who can step in until you have time to find a full-time replacement.

4. Begin the process of finding a long-term solution

Once you have a temporary nanny in place, you can start looking for a long-term nanny. Consider working with a nanny agency, like At Ease Family Solutions, to find the perfect nanny for your family.

5. Say goodbye

If you still have a good relationship with your nanny, ask them to say a proper goodbye to your kids instead of just leaving abruptly. You can even throw your nanny a farewell party. Have your kids make a personal gift or buy something for your nanny to wish her well. This is a sweet way to bring closure to your kids and reassure them that their nanny still cares about them.

FlexCare Family Solutions is Here for All Your Flexible Childcare Needs

At FlexCare Family Solutions, we know how important it is to have reliable childcare. But, we also know that life doesn’t always go as planned.

Our flexible solutions are here to help you whenever you need an extra set of hands, such as after your full-time nanny quits.

We offer services in and around California, including the Bay Area, San Francisco, North County, and Los Angeles County.

Get started by filling out an application. A member of our team will contact you soon to discuss your needs and help you find the perfect short-term nanny.

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