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Families · June 28, 2023
6 Tips for Hosting a Family Reunion to Remember

Summer is a great time for hosting a family reunion to bring people together who do not live near each other or who otherwise would go over a year without seeing each other. Hosting a family reunion is no easy task. So, if you are in charge of planning this year, we have some suggestions […]

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Families · June 20, 2023
3 Reasons to Hire A Flexible Nanny for Your Tween This Summer

When your kids were younger, you could likely find camps and daycare centers that would care for them throughout the summer while you were at work. As your kids grow, those options dwindle, which can be challenging for families of tweens (typically defined as kids ages 9 – 12). Fortunately, you don’t have to choose […]

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Families · June 16, 2023
What's Your Back-to-School Childcare Plan?

While summer has just begun, it’s not too early to plan for the school year ahead. Before you know it, you’ll be shopping for school supplies and watching your kids take off for the day on their school bus. So, now is the time to create a back-to-school childcare plan. You don’t want to wait […]

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Families · June 8, 2023
How Flex Care Family Solutions Can Support Parents in the Summer

Kids may love summer break, but it’s often another story for parents. Sure, spending more time together without worrying about homework or school functions can be great. But navigating summer childcare can be a minefield for parents, whether or not you work outside the home. Studies show that 57 percent of families feel forced to […]

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Families · April 26, 2023
Are You Ready for Summer? A Working Parents Summer Survival Guide

Kids love summer, and we can understand why. No school, no schedules, no limits – for children, summer presents unlimited potential and possibilities. For working parents, summer is another story. Instead of dreaming about long, lazy days, we’re trying to figure out how to balance summer childcare while still fulfilling our work duties and getting […]

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Families · April 14, 2023
5 Kid-Friendly Spring Excursions in Southern California

Spring is in the air! For many families, that means spring break and summer vacation are just around the corner. So, if you live in Southern California, where can you go for kid-friendly fun that parents will also enjoy? We’re here with several ideas for kid-friendly spring excursion ideas in and around LA, San Diego, […]

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