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How Flex Care Family Solutions Can Support Parents in the Summer

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June 8, 2023

Kids may love summer break, but it’s often another story for parents. Sure, spending more time together without worrying about homework or school functions can be great. But navigating summer childcare can be a minefield for parents, whether or not you work outside the home.

Studies show that 57 percent of families feel forced to make some sort of job sacrifice to ensure their children have quality childcare in the summer. Fortunately, there are flexible childcare solutions that can ease the burden on busy and stressed parents.

4 Ways Flex Care Family Solutions Can Support Parents This Summer

Here are some ways flexible childcare solutions from Flex Care Family Solutions can help your family this summer and beyond.

1. Hire a nanny to take kids to amusement parks

Your kids want to spend the day at an amusement park, but you can’t get away from work or have an infant to care for at home. No worries! At Ease Flex Care is here to help.

You can hire a nanny to take your kids to the amusement park, whether it’s Adventure Parks, the San Diego Zoo, or any other type of amusement park. Your kids will love seeing the sights and riding the rides under the careful supervision of a highly-qualified nanny. You can spend the day working, caring for your younger children, or taking a much-needed day off!

2. Explore the sights of San Diego and Southern California

Whether you are visiting California for a short time or you live here, there’s always something new to see and experience. When you decide it’s time for a date night or a mom’s night out, hire a Flex Care nanny to watch your kids while you enjoy the evening. If you are staying in a hotel, our nannies can come to you to provide engaging childcare for the entire night.

3. Fill in the gaps between your nanny’s vacation

Many people take vacations during the summer, including nannies! You don't need to worry about childcare if your full-time nanny is off on a much-needed holiday. Instead, hire a temporary nanny from Flex Care Family Solutions. They can fill in the gaps while your full-time nanny is away.

4. Provide transportation for older kids

It seems like the older kids get, the more summer activities they want to do. Unfortunately, your summer plans don’t include playing chauffeur to your older kid as they go from soccer practice to choir to their friends’ house and back again.

Instead of running yourself ragged, hire a temporary nanny to drive your child to activities and remain there for the duration. This frees you up to work or do whatever you need to do while ensuring your child can attend all the activities they want. Please note: flexible nannies must be hired for at least four hours.

Hire A Flexible Nanny for The Summer

Are you ready to hire a qualified nanny in San Diego, Beverly Hills, Menlo Park, or elsewhere in California to care for your children this summer? Flex Care Family Solutions can help!

Fill out an application on our website to get started. We can’t wait to meet you and your family!

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