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How At Ease Flex Care Solutions Takes the Stress Out of Hiring a Temporary Nanny

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March 10, 2023

There are many reasons to consider hiring a temporary nanny – going on vacation, filling in while your full-time nanny is sick or away, or for a short period, such as during the summer or after having major surgery.

No matter your reason for seeking temporary childcare, finding the right person to care for your child can feel daunting. You want to ensure your child is in the care of a professional capable of managing everything from planning fun outings to being prepared during an emergency.

5 Reasons to Work with Flex Care Family Solutions When Hiring a Temporary Nanny

At Flex Care Family Solutions, we understand what you are feeling. We know you only want the best for your kids. However, we also recognize that you are short on time and don’t want to drag this process on.

Here are some ways to reduce the stress of hiring a temporary nanny.

1. We manage payroll

One of the most significant stressors we hear from parents is that they don’t want to deal with hiring an employee. Good news – you don’t have to when you work with Flex Care Solutions!

We hire temporary nannies under our payroll, meaning we take care of taxes, benefits, and other headaches, so you don’t have to. This also means that our temporary nannies are well provided for, even when you decide you don’t need yours anymore.

2. We’ll find your perfect match

Have special requests or requirements? Does your child have particular needs or anxieties? Let us know! The more we know about your family, the better. Then, we can help match your family with a temporary nanny well-suited to manage your situation.

3. Our nannies are more than babysitters

Did you know that there are several distinct differences between hiring a nanny vs. a babysitter? Our nannies have the experience and training required to become a nanny. This makes them more qualified to provide quality childcare to your children that is engaging and safe.

4. We have several options

You can work with Flex Care Family Solutions to handle all of your temporary nanny needs. For example, you can find a qualified nanny who can fill in while your full-time nanny is on vacation. You can also find a travel nanny or someone to watch a group of kids during a wedding or other big event. No matter why you need a temporary nanny, we can help!

5. We understand California families

We know times are challenging in California, especially as families worry about tech layoffs. That's why we are here to help families in Southern California, San Fransisco, the Bay Area, and North California.

Rest assured that our nannies are local and available whenever needed to help your California family find a temporary nanny.

Ready to Hire A Temporary Nanny? Let’s Get Started!

Now that you know why Flex Care Family Solutions simplifies the process of finding and hiring a temporary nanny, the only thing left to do is get started.

Simply fill out an application form on our website. Then, a friendly staff member will be in touch to learn more about your needs and help you find a qualified nanny who will fit in well with your family.

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