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Nanny Professional Development: International Nanny Training Day

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March 23, 2023

There are many ways that nannies differ from babysitters.

One of the most important differences is that nannies seek professional development opportunities. They don’t view their jobs as short-term assignments or side work like babysitters do.

In contrast, nannies are professionals dedicated to providing the best childcare services possible to families in California and beyond.

So, if you’re a nanny looking to grow professionally, you will want to set aside time to participate in International Nanny Training Day (iNNTD).

What is International Nanny Training Day?

So, what is iNNTD all about?

It’s a day set aside specifically for nannies to come together and celebrate their profession while gaining insight and inspiration about becoming an even better, more effective nanny.

iNNTD takes place on April 1, 2023. It is part of the Week of the Young Child, which is a week-long celebration of young children that is sponsored by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAYEC).

iNNTD has a few goals:

  • Offering educational training for all nannies around the world
  • Promoting awareness of nanny training and its importance for nannies and families
  • Encouraging other nannies to continue growing in their profession
  • Raising the quality of nanny care around the world
  • Serving as an inclusive, safe space for nannies to share their experiences and learn from others

History of iNNTD

The concept of iNNTD began in 2012 when Lora Brawley first organized it. At the time, it was only a national event (NNTD). However, it went international in 2016 as nannies recognized the value of bringing together nannies, educators, and other professionals in an inspiring educational setting.

iNNTD coordinates with the Week of the Young Child to recognize that nannies are early childhood educators. Unlike babysitters, who are merely supervisors, nannies are fully engaged in helping children learn and grow through engaging activities and education.

Benefits of International Nanny Training Day for Nannies

There are a few reasons why nannies should consider attending a local iNNTD event. In many cases, families will pay for the cost of attending because they recognize the value of having a nanny who has received as much training and professional development as possible.

Here are some reasons why nannies should participate in this year’s iNNTD events:

  • Learn new methods for providing quality care
  • Network with other nannies who can share experiences and insights
  • Learn about new local places and activities for kids and families
  • Make friends with other nannies to coordinate play dates and outings
  • Learn from experts and veterans on the best childcare ideas and techniques

In addition to all these benefits, employers should invest in their nannies for their happiness. Nannies who receive professional development are consistently happier in their professions than those who don’t. And happier nannies are more engaged and involved with the children in their care.

California iNNTD Events

There are several iNNTD events planned in California:

The training doesn’t end on April 1, however. The Nannypalooza conference will take place October 6 – 8 near Washington, D.C. This event is for nannies to continue learning, growing, and networking to be the best at their profession.

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