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6 Tips for Hosting a Family Reunion to Remember

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June 28, 2023

Summer is a great time for hosting a family reunion to bring people together who do not live near each other or who otherwise would go over a year without seeing each other.

Hosting a family reunion is no easy task. So, if you are in charge of planning this year, we have some suggestions for making sure it is an event to remember for family members of all ages.

6 Ideas for Hosting a Family Reunion Everyone Loves

It can be a challenge to make everyone happy at a family reunion, especially when your family includes a range of ages and interests. However, there are several things you can do to make sure everyone has a great time and is excited to attend again next year.

1. Plan a date and time well in advance

That’s right. It’s not too early to start planning for next year’s family reunion! Spend some time this year finding a date and time that works for most families, then get it on the books.

This gives everyone enough time to make travel arrangements and take time off from work. Don’t forget to invite everyone who couldn’t make it this year, and be sure to book the venue well in advance.

2. Give every family a task

There’s no reason one family (or person) should be tasked with planning the entire event. Delegate different tasks to different families. Ideally, you can delegate based on each family’s interests.

For example, task your ultra-marathon running sister’s family with planning outdoor events for all ages and your foodie brother’s family with preparing meals. This way, the work gets spread around, and nobody feels like they are shouldering the burden of putting the whole event together.

3. Hire an event nanny for part (or all) of the reunion

We all love seeing our nieces, nephews, and grandkids at family reunions. But we also enjoy reconnecting with adults we haven’t seen in a while. That’s why hiring an event nanny from At Ease Flex Care Solutions is such a great idea for family reunions!

Your kids will have a great time under the careful supervision of a qualified nanny, and the adults can focus on spending time together without being distracted by keeping an eye on their kids.

4. Create a shared digital photo album

Create a shared digital photo album where everyone can add the photos and videos they took from your family reunion. This makes it simple for everyone to relive the memories without forcing one person to spend their entire time snapping pictures.

Of course, you can also hire an event photographer if you want professional-quality photos of the entire family!

5. Play games

Games are excellent for bringing people together who may have different interests and come from diverse backgrounds. These can be board games, outdoor games, or even no-equipment-needed games, like charades. Try a few; you’ll be amazed at how much fun everyone has!

6. Don’t overthink it

A family reunion aims to bring together family members who do not see each other often. So, don’t get so carried away with planning and stressing over making everything perfect that you forget to enjoy yourself.

Hire an Event Nanny from At Ease Flex Care Solutions for Your California Family Reunion

Whether your California family reunion is happening this summer or you are in the planning stages for next year, At Ease Flex Care Solutions can help!

Get in touch with us to learn more about our event nannies so you can find one for your California family reunion or other significant events.

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