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Help your employees find the childcare they need to stay happy and healthy.
As a business, offering assistance with finding your employees childcare, whether due to a hybrid office model, a sick day, or school cancellations, is a valued benefit to your employees and will ensure they’re able to show up for work ready to focus on the tasks at hand.
Corporate Back-up Care
Parents often struggle to balance their work and home lives. At Ease Flex Care’s corporate backup care solutions will help employees secure one of our experienced Nannies to provide care when a child is unable to attend school for any reason. All in the comfort and safety of your own home.
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Why Companies Partner with at Ease Flex Care

The demand for reliable, corporate back-up child care is at an all time high. In response, and to best serve our corporate partners, At Ease Flex Care is making some exciting adjustments to this service. 
With At Ease Flex Care for companies, your employees can find trustworthy, on-call childcare when they need it. Company-sponsored backup care can improve retention and productivity across your organization.

Today’s professionals are busier than ever and often struggle to balance work and family life. Until recently, companies have not been able to present their employees with flexible, dependable, back-up child care options. At Ease Flex Care partners experience an immediate return when offering work-life balance benefits to their employees.

With At Ease Flex Care for companies, your employees are able to find fully vetted, on-call childcare when they need it. Company-sponsored back up care is proven to boost employee retention, and productivity across your organization - ultimately saving the company money.

Whether your employees are coming into the office or working from home, an unexpected illness or school closure can be incredibly disruptive. Working from home with a sick child is not the most productive way to start a day!

Partner with At Ease FlexCare and offer backup child care to your employees, no matter where their office is located. Your employees will thank you!
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