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What's Your Back-to-School Childcare Plan?

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June 16, 2023

While summer has just begun, it’s not too early to plan for the school year ahead. Before you know it, you’ll be shopping for school supplies and watching your kids take off for the day on their school bus. So, now is the time to create a back-to-school childcare plan. You don’t want to wait until the last minute. Instead, spend some time figuring out what type of childcare you will need, then lining it up with quality childcare providers to ensure your child will be cared for before and after school.

Your Back-to-School Childcare Options

Figuring out back-to-school childcare entails deciding on the best care for your child when you cannot be present with them (even if you work from home).

It also entails planning for unexpected closures and random days off for holidays or teacher professional development days.

So, what are your options for childcare during the school year? Here are some of the most common childcare options for families in San Diego, Beverly Hills, and other parts of California.

1. Before and after school programs

Most schools offer some type of childcare option before and after school. These can be good for working parents of younger children who want to ensure they are safely supervised during non-school hours. These spots can fill quickly, so check with your child’s school soon to find out how their program works and what is required to apply and be accepted.

2. Hire an afterschool nanny

Many families in Beverly Hills and San Diego prefer to have their children home as much as possible during non-school hours. That’s when hiring a nanny can be preferable to going with a before and after-school program. A nanny can be there to greet your child at the door when they get off the bus from school, then give them a snack, help with homework, and provide engaging activities to keep them occupied until you get home from work.

3. Hire a full-time nanny for home-schooled children

Homeschooling has become increasingly popular throughout California. Depending on the ages of your children, you may decide to hire a full-time nanny who can provide childcare during breaks while caring for younger children who may not require a full school day.

4. Family

If you have family members nearby, it is worth asking if they would be open to helping with childcare during the school year. Make a plan that both of you can agree to – never assume that a family member will be able to step in at a moment’s notice or that they will be happy to take on the role of a full-time nanny. As with other childcare relationships, open communication is essential when family members provide childcare for your family.

5. Hire a flexible nanny to fill in the gaps

Many families move between these options and end up with gaps they need to fill. That’s where a flexible nanny from At Ease Flex Care Solutions can help!

For example, you can hire a temporary nanny during school breaks or when your full-time nanny is unavailable. Or you can hire an on-call nanny when your child cannot attend school (or has a random day off) and you cannot take off from work.

Find Back-to-School Childcare in California with At Ease Flex Care Solutions

Need a temporary or on-call nanny? At Ease Flex Care Solutions can help! We help families in Beverly Hills, San Diego, and the rest of California find qualified childcare professionals who can step in as needed. Fill out an application to get started!

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